Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bucket List......

Appear has cover story in a lifestyle magazine - done

Buy some Vibram KSO's - done

Master the art of bare-foot running - work in progress!!!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Promise

The need to treat each other with respect is what I am getting from this amazing drama, that shows a side of our history that I was not fully aware of.  We need to make sure that our world-views are not so narrow as to exclude others' rights.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A change from the inside first

Apart from a short period in my mid-teens I have always struggled with being overweight.  Always the fat kid in the playground, never chosen for school teams and an easy target for name calling and jokes.  To escape from such treatment I ran to the only refuge that was a constant for me and that was the comfort of food. 

The result of such crooked thinking saw me entering my forties at 16 ½ stone, totally unfit and suffering with high blood pressure.  One would think that as an adult I could cope with comments about my weight, but inside I was crying. When I heard someone refer to me as “that stocky fellow” I knew that something had to change.  But this change had to be a real one.  A change from the inside first.  My problem was not the food that I was putting in to my body, but the way that I thought about food – my whole relationship to food if you will.

I came to understand that my beliefs define the limits of what I do and become as surely as the walls of a house define your personal living space. My reality is determined by the size and shape of my beliefs not my belly, my thoughts about who I am, how I see myself and how I live.

Through the use of Cognitive Belief Therapy and Transactional Analysis I was given a real opportunity to rebuild my self esteem and efficacy.  I learned how to set realistic, measurable goals and to celebrate their achievement. 

Maintaining a positive mind-set and increased energy in a stressful business environment.  Running is now my passion.  I completed my first marathon in September 2010 and plan to do this again in 2011